sport_id Name sport_id Name
1 Soccer 18 Basketball
13 Tennis 91 Volleyball
78 Handball 16 Baseball
2 Horse Racing 4 Greyhounds
17 Ice Hockey 14 Snooker
12 American Football 3 Cricket
83 Futsal 15 Darts
92 Table Tennis 94 Badminton
8 Rugby Union 19 Rugby League
36 Australian Rules 66 Bowls
9 Boxing 75 Gaelic Sports
90 Floorball 95 Beach Volleyball
110 Water Polo 107 Squash
151 E-sports 162 MMA
148 Surfing


Error Code Description
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR 500 Internal Server Error, contact Support if it happens
NOT_FOUND 404 Not Found
METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED Method is not allowed, only GET is supported.
UNDER_MAINTENANCE API is under maintenance, we'll annouce it
AUTHORIZE_FAILED Token is not provided or incorrect.
TOO_MANY_REQUESTS API rate limit exceeded.
PERMISSION_DENIED You're not allowed, contact Support if it is wrong.
PARAM_REQUIRED Required param is missing, check error_detail for details
PARAM_INVALID param is invalid, check error_detail for details




Whenever you see pager in the API response, it means you can go next page by passing page=2 etc. there are 3 elements inside which means:

Error Code Description
page Current page
per_page how many results per page, default to 50 as always
total how many results in total. use it to indicate that it has next page or not.


Error Value Description
0 Not Started
1 InPlay
3 Ended
4 Postponed
5 Cancelled
6 Walkover
7 Interrupted
8 Abandoned
9 Retired
10 Suspended
11 Decided by FA
99 Removed

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