How can I get all historical data?

First try with League API, and go through R-Pager to get all data.

Afterwards, pass each league_id in Events API with pager.

How can I get all leagues in Brazil?

use League API with cc=br. For example: https://api.betsapi.com/v1/league?token=YOUR-TOKEN&sport_id=1&cc=br

When you get image_id from API, you can replace the 1 below with the image_id:

Do you provide languages other than English?

Yes, we do. Pass LNG_ID as one of the param in GET for specified language.

Warnings: LNG_ID >= 70 are not well supported.

LNG_ID Description
1 English (by default)
2 zh_TW
3 es_ES
5 de_DE
6 it_IT
10 zh_CN
22 pt_PT
70 ja_JP
71 ko_KR
72 fr_FR
73 ru_RU

how to convert Unix time epoch (eg: 1514543400) into datetime?

Convert from epoch to human readable date

What's "Handicap"?


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